About Us

Level Up Solutions is a non-profit agency based in Los Angeles, California that provides services and support to adults with developmental disabilities.  We are governed by a Board of Directors as well as executive and managerial staff who supervise daily and long-term business operations.  We work closely with the California Regional Center system and provide services to our participants (the people we support with disabilities) in their apartments and homes, work and academic settings, and out in the community.  We teach life skills to help people with disabilities navigate daily life and build real world experience  We are a small agency of like-minded professionals in our field who feel self-determination, real world experience, confidence and support are the keys to effective services. 

The number and types of diagnoses for people with developmental disabilities has continued to increase dramatically over the past twenty (25) years.  The fields of science related to developmental disabilities continues to emerge and there is a huge focus on local city, state and federal governments to provide funding and research to address this trend.  Although California is considered to have one of the more superior systems of support for people with developmental disabilities in the country, the need for services continues to out-pace the number of quality agencies able to provide those services.  In addition, this is considered a cutting edge, growing field that continues to be under-funded and under-protected.  With this in mind and with the knowledge that the approach to supported living is ever-changing; Level Up Solutions stands poised to be part of the next evolution of support models based on self-determination and inclusion. 

Our business is built on the inter-dependency of our participants and direct support professionals who work alongside them. The people we support tend to be between the ages of eighteen and fifty and we focus on the transitional period out of the high school and home setting to independent living.  We take a measured approach to our companies’ growth, focusing on quality over size and individualized support that is both transparent and agreed upon by all.  In addition, Level Up Solutions is not only a service provider to adults with developmental disabilities, we are also a proud employer of people with disabilities.

We currently work with many of the twenty-one (21) regional centers in the state to include:

Alta Regional Center

East Los Angeles Regional Center

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

Golden Gate Regional Center

Harbor Regional Center

Inland Regional Center

North Los Angeles Regional Center

Regional Center of Orange County

Regional Center of the East Bay

San Andreas Regional Center

San Diego Regional Center

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center

Tri-Counties Regional Center

Valley Mountain Regional Center

Westside Regional Center


Public records in the possession of Level Up Solutions which are not exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act shall be available for inspection, and copies of such public records shall be provided, pursuant to these guidelines. 

To ensure accuracy in responding to a request for public records, Level Up Solutions encourages all requests to be submitted in writing, including by email or fax. Copies of public records that are not exempt from disclosure will be provided at the cost of 37 cents per page for duplication.

Please direct requests to:

Shannon Hahn

Operations Director

F: 213.402.5395

E: shahn@levelupsolutions.org